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Last week my full time job had me in Richmond VA, so I thought I should have a little bit of fun while I was there. I got in touch with my absolutely beautiful friend Jackie, and we quickly put together this photoshoot at. With a very short time to come up with wardrobe and the location, Slaughter Pen Farm.

She put it all together, but then just before the shoot her wallet was stolen. I have to say the location, Slaughter Pen Farm, that she picked out was amazing, and with a simple wardrobe we put together some of the best images we’ve every done. Through it all she was amazing, and so easy to work with. I adore this young woman so much, and can’t wait to work with her again soon.

Slaughter Pen Farm – Jackie M

I finally got to meet up for a photoshoot with the beautiful Bree at Grayson Lake. We’ve been trying to find time with our busy schedules to do a shoot and it worked out this week. This young lady is not just stunningly beautiful, but she has a strength inside her with a great sense of humor to match. We had so much fun shooting that even with the storm rolling in I had her jumping for joy in the rain. Can’t wait to work with her again!!

Grayson Lake – Bree C

The final gallery from my Florida sessions is of the beautiful Meike. She went into this shoot a little nervous and thinking she wouldn't be a good model. As you can see by the time the nerves went away she’s amazing. She’s, fun, witty and very easy to work with. She’s already asked for another session as soon as I can get back to FL. Hope you all enjoy the images!
Source: EGP Zen

What can I say about Katy that I haven’t said before.. She’s an amazing, strong young woman whom you can’t help but love. She’s always a joy to work with, but I also cherish the time we just get to hang out and talk. Can’t wait to see, and work with her again. Check out our latest shoot!
Source: EGP Zen

I just realized that I hadn’t posted these to my website yet. My friends Sara and Willis allowed me to take some shots of them for their engagement, and also of their family. Wish them all the luck, and hope they have a great future!
Source: EGP Zen

Logan is a firecracker of a country girl, and her attitude shows in this shoot. Halfway through this shoot the skies opened up and decided to unleash an insane thunderstorm. We took shelter in one of the barns, but that didn’t stop us from shooting some smokin’ hot rain shots.
Source: EGP Zen