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Epic Gear Photography is moving south in the next few months! I have closed the availability on the booking page while I prepare for the move. This will give all of my free time to finishing up any outstanding sessions I have. It will also allow me to pack everything up for the move.

This move has really been a long time coming, and I am so excited that it’s finally able to happen. Just over 3 years ago I had planned on making the move to Florida, but as we all know, life has a way of doing its own thing. I feel like even though the way things played out weren’t always the best, that life put me right where I needed to be.

So I’m happy to announce that in August I will be relocating to Lakeland Florida for my full-time job. I hope to be able to continue my journey with photography soon after getting settled in. I’m so excited that Epic Gear is moving to Florida, and I cannot wait to see where this adventure goes next!

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EGP Promo Image - Model Search

Hey there!! I am conducting a model search for 3 models to finish up a project I am working on. They need to be in Richmond VA or Huntington WV and available to shoot on a Friday evening. I plan to wrap this project up by the middle of June, and will be in the Huntington WV area on May 31st.

Although I am not going go into full detail on the concept here, I will tell you what I am looking for and if you feel like you may be interested or know someone that might be interested you can contact me.

This model search is for a female above the age of 18. This project is to show that the negative words and feelings that society, and other people, use to label or call women can be washed away. It will also show that there is a natural beauty and strength to be found in everyone. The location will be determined once a commitment has been made, but it will be indoors. Wardrobe and the full concept will be discussed when you contact me. This will be for a published product and sold publicly.

**Please note that this shoot will contain implied nudity**
If you have my personal Cell Phone or Facebook you can call or text.
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